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Some fun at the National History Museum


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Dec 24, 2013
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United States
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National Museum of American History - Smithsonian Institution

Is there anything I could have done better? Post-processed in lightroom and my monitors are not calibrated
Hello Welcome to TPF :)

If you want technique advice I would keep your EXIF data in the photo and or describe how you shot them.

Your focus and depth of field seems reasonably good in this photo.

Here are what I think are the 2 biggest problems with it:
  • Your composition seems to lack a central subject and I dislike the angle.
  • The lighting is too hard, the shadows could be cut with a knife and need to be lightened up a smidge.
You may want to try moving around a little more to try to capture some different angles on the subject(s).

Keep shooting! Things will come together more when you start seeing what's happening :)
hey this is pretty good. I would have liked to see the woman on the lefts hands in the photo so it matched the woman on the right better so maybe a little different perspective and a couple steps back. But this is really pretty good, and funny.
Good points, thanks. When I resized it must have stripped out the data, will check that. It was a dark area and my daughter wanted to be the subject so I figured I would try. You are correct I was looking in between them and not on just one. Thanks for feedback.

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