Some more High School Turkey Day Football (way too many pics)


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Jan 10, 2014
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Hanson MA
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Beautiful day for football and turkey !!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day !!!
Thanks guys, appreciate that, the best part of that second to last one how he ended up catching it ;)

And one of my favorites lol

Nice set Bill
Thanks Mike
Some pretty good lenswork on display here. Nice action shots, with a good balance between showing what happened at the game, and the individual players. Way too many times all we see are ultra-tight crops that show zero context, and have everything cropped out except the nearest action...that gets very boring. A great example is the last frame, with the three kids on the right in the background, each one apparently saying "Ohhhhhhhh!", and the body can read the body language so easily. Remove the spectators, and that shot loses 50% of its impact, or more. Same thing withe the dive for the goal line shot, with the fans, RIGHT THERE, at field level...showing the fans, and where they are allowed to stand at, shows us a lot about what level of football this is, and what kind of a field this was at. These shots show the situation, and convey a good feeling about the event, and what it was like to have been there.
Thanks Derrel, much appreciated. The Thanksgiving Day game is a tradition here in Eastern MA, in this case it is Abington vs Whitman-Hanson, it was the 105th meeting.

It is common for rivalry games here to date back 100 or more years. That is one of the reasons I try so hard to capture the scene for the school. Who knows, in another 100 years someone could use these pictures to look back in time :)

This was from the schools Hall of Fame induction ceremony a few weeks ago. The two gentlemen in the photo both played in that same rivalry game a long time ago. They had hired a professional photographer for the event but he backed out two days before the event so they asked if I could help them out.

The man in the middle was the vice principal when I was a student back in the late 70's, he is 92 years young now. And he brought his big brother to the ceremony with him. His brother is 95 !!!


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