Some of my daughter...


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Oct 24, 2007
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Please let me know what you think of these... I still consider myself a newbie (got my first dlsr camera at the end of Nov. and before that only started taking my little p&s out of auto for about 1 month) so let me know what I can do better and improve on. TIA!




IMO, they would look better if she was looking at the camera and smiling.

She looks so sad.. :-(
LOL! The funny thing is she was anything BUT sad! We put her in the swing and she calmed down like I'd never seen her before! She sat in it clutching her stuffed animal for over 1/2 hour without a peep and almost fell asleep in it! I just loved the "pouty" faces she was making!
HAhahaha! Awww! What a darling!

She looks like she's contemplating life... very cute! I like them... the expression on her face is priceless, and her eyes are so pretty!

Sorry... don't have anything constructive to say
The last one is the best, great shot.
beautiful eyes!
they're all a bit bright. The last one is my favourite, and is probably the best technically as well.
She's adorable. I like number three... her eyes are beautiful.

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