Some pictures from my trip to Namibia


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Feb 4, 2012
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Hey All. These are some pics I took from my trip to Namibia 2 years ago. Please let me know what you think. I would like your comments and criticism! Thank you!

Flickr: st3t0w's Photostream
If nobody will look at these because of the link, please let me know how to change it. Every time I upload, it says Not Defined.

May I also note that 100% of these pictures where taken in manual and without a tripod. And none of them have been edited in anyway.

I'd love to know more about that pelican.

For uploading, click on the individual picture on flickr. Above the picture, you will see a "share" button. Click the "grab the HTML/BB code" tab. Then simply copy the BBCode and paste in on your post.
Thanks for the tip! Worked a charm!

The Pelican picture was shot whilst we was on a boat trip. The guide had a bucket of fish and they just kept coming! I was lucky enough to shoot this at the right time! Do you like it?
excellent! you got some great shots, it looks like an amazing place for sure.

Thank you both very much for the compliments! The body is a Nikon D5000 and the lenses are a mixture between the standard Nikon 50-70mm (i think) and mainly the Tamron Tele-Macro 70-300mm.

Again, thank you for taking the time to comment =]
That pelican picture is really cool. I don't think I've ever seen one with it's scoop opened up like that in mid air, nor have I ever seen anyone hand-feeding one.

My only criticism on these is that they tend to be very centered.

That must've been a wonderful trip.
Hey Desi,

Thank you for the compliment and criticism. As I am still new to this, I thought putting everything in the centre of a shot was the right thing to do? I can't imagine any of these pictures looking better if they were not centred?

Also, I had to shoot fast, so a lot of the time I had my focus point set manually for the middle.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to comment :)

Looks like you had an amazing time. :thumbup:
Thank you PhotoTish. I did have a wonderful time. Do you like the pictures though? :)
Yes I do like the photos :lol:

The second one has caught an amazing moment. The third one is nice too although I would have cropped out the pink sleeve. I think four is my favourite - that small figure sitting in the wide expanse really works. Elephants are one of my favourite wild animals and I really like the image of the elephant looking out over the landscape.

I hope you have dusted off that D5000 ;)
What a wonderful opportunity and location that you were able to visit. The pelican shot is amazing. Forget about the way it's composed because it's amazing that you got that shot...period.

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