Some pictures from travel

These are nice. I like Brightsky, Laos Sunset, Riverboats, Thailand uts, Tropical Rain, Vientiene Laos, Bamboohut, Brightsky Out, Coconut Palms, Thailand Mountains, Thailand River, and Thailand Road...and now I'm gonna shut up. Good work! lol
i haven't the time to crit them all.... but they look good.... very colourful :thumbup:
Hey Doug, is it not possible for you to chose a couple of pics you particularly like and link them directly to a thread in here?
Like the Asian Spices, just for example?
They are too good not to be looked at more carefully than usually happens when only a link is posted and behind it ever so many pics. Few people have the TIME to look through as many photos when they just pop in here to have a peep at new contributions. They expect them right here in the threads, I think.

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