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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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I wasn't out looking for Bambi, In fact you might find it surprising, but I was stalking Ospreys. I was fixated on a Juvi in a tree when I sensed a cold stare to my right. I looked over and this strapping young buck was just posing for me in this little opening. I just calmly took off my teleconverter and there ya go... He rather took a liking to me because he just hung out... This poor guy was covered in mosquitoes, better him than me.. Comments always welcome.. The exif is slightly off as my lens overesposes by 2/3 stop because of a goofy aperture lever, so these are technically F3.2, ISO 400, 1/200th Handheld at 300mm


Young Buck Stare Down by krisinct, on Flickr


Young Buck Profile shot by krisinct, on Flickr
Cool shots. Looks like he was close to you, which gives these really nice "portrait-like" feeling--something very often missing from photos of deer, which are often made from longer ranges, like 30,40 yards with a 600. Pretty cool!
They are both great, I like the soft DOF of the first shot which I would say is my fav
Outstanding! :)
I really like the first, one, I could be wrong, but I almost think it may look a tiny bit better with a slightly more rectangular crop, if possible and nothing distracting gets involved, I love the framing of the background and tiny bit of OOF foreground elements as well, its very easy to get overwhelmed by too much OOF foreground, but I think you hit it perfectly here, just enough to notice it but not be distracting.

maybe my monitor but the only other thing I could say is a slight decrease in highlights mostly in the green and yellows, if possible to not changes their saturation as that is very nice and colorful, but they just seem a tad hot, you should be able to use a photo editing product to remove a little bit of luminance in camera raw for yellow and green possible.

once again these are only my personal editing choices for the image, by no way am I advocating its the right way, just what I might have done.

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