Sony RX1R II: 42.4MP Full Frame

Awesome camera but has an apeal to a very limited crowd, people who would want it are people who have money, have other cameras and people who want to own a small, easy to hide camera for street photography.
Not something I would want even if I had the money.
A nice-looking toy. No focusing distance scale, ZERO depth of field scale, just a f****g huuuuge, expanded, 1/3 step aperture marking scale located right on top of the lens, on a deliberatly over-sized barrel that looks the size of a 35mm f/1.4 lens, but is instead just an f/2 lens that could have been made 30% smaller. The lens is deeper than the camera body, and almost as tall. Effing ridiculous, all the way around. Hideously ugly and ungainly-looking. This thing misses every single design and shooting concept that underlies what a fixed-lens rangefinder-like camera is about. And priced for connoisseurs of the rangefinder-type camera style. Typical Sony move...a mega-misfire.
The original one got rave reviews my friend has one and its fantastic, I've seen some fantastic shots from a war zone and it was the pro's favourite camera
That would be a good place to take it...a war might get blown up there.
Looks pretty good - on paper.

Though the Leica Q with a firmware upgrade that fixes the worst quirks (especially no fine control over electronic shutter, movie button cant be disabled, back button has very limited configurability) would be preferable to me, and its hardly more expensive, too.
Interestingly, it looks like the flash has only a centre pin (ie, no TTL); the other contact-pin points seem empty, and I can see any contacts under the slides... seems odd.
I think its a good stepping stone into smaller tech with FF capabilities. Ideally I want a Nikon FM2 with a FF sensor, ~30MP, Full manual controls, small LCD screen. Same exact size and controls but modern. Like the DF but better hahaha
Derrel, don't hold back, tell us what you really think of this!
He doesn't like any camera unless it starts with an N
That's called "good taste".
Not to me it has to start with L

Gary looooves those Lumix cameras!

No, but seriously....on this new Sony with the MASSIVE 35mm f/2 focusing distances visible, pre-focusing DOF scale, so no zone focusing, no "answers ahead of time"...and the permanently mounted over-sized lens makes the camera a lot larger, more-noticeable and less discreet and less easily carryable than it needs to be. A 35/2 permanent lens does NOT need to be so huge, but it does appeal to those who want a camera that screams, "Look at my biiiiiiiig, fat lens!" (Phallic inadequacy, anybody?)

Plus....the ONLY lens/shooting information provided at a visual glance is 1/3 stop aperture God....the MOST-critical things, the focus distance and the depth of field, are completely absent. I bet it's a fly-by-wire focusing setup, to make it cheap. But WHY? This is a PERMANENTLY mounted lens! Jesus...cost-cutting on a $3k rig! But then again--this is a camera designed by Japanese consumer electronics engineers, and has absolutely no relation to the camera industry. Sony has a long and proud history of releasing crap products and not making a profit for seven years in a row. So, we know they are following in their tradition!

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