Sopot "Fantazjon"...


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Feb 3, 2006
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Warsaw Poland
Building refers to wonderful drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer character and Per Dahlberg (they were painters), as well as projects of Gaudi.

Oh, how funnily distorted is this building! This so plays tricks on your eyes.
Amazing that a building like this can stand! Nothing could be bought pre-fabricated, no window frame and nothing.... everything had to be made only for this house! Wow. What a sight!
Now that is a cool shot! The only thing I wish was that it wasnt copped at the top. That is one amazing building though!
Holy smokes...that is a neat house, there is one similar to that that is in southern IL that is actually functional. The residents there use it as a sabatical. Before that a professor at one of the schools there built it and lived in it for a number of years. The house was built off of 13 degree angles from the entire house
if you look at it drunk, does it look right?

neat house there, not something you see everyday :)

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