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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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Sometimes I don't shoot at 1/2000 for OIF. I was shooting an Osprey in a tree and when I turned I had a Juvenile flying by really close. My shutter speed was only 1/800th on the first 2 pics (IS was off)! Also a few other recent images.. Thanks for looking and comments welcome...

Juvenile Osprey 9_1 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Juvenile Osprey 9_1 2 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

3 with the 1.4x extender.. Sometimes it's OK, but I generally don't use it
Osprey/Menhaden close 9_1 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Osprey 8_31 1 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

Osprey 8_30 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

6 A little frayed on top
Male Northern Cardinal 8_31 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr

7 quack
Mallard hens 8_31 by Kristofer Rowe, on Flickr
I think there are three outstanding shots in here! REALLY loving shot #1, as well as the underneath shot looking up the branch to the perched osprey. Shot #2 is also very nice. Shot #2 is really,really nice. #4 is pretty good too.I like the slight bit of motion blur that 1/800 gave on 1 an 2...looks better to me than rock-frozen.
Kris, very nice shots. As usual, I like the ones with the eyes staring at you - #4 and #5.

Excellent captures - well taken.
#1 is definitely my fave - I like that you caught the full wing span in the frame. These are all excellent shots; but despite how majestic he is, the goofy cartoonish expressions in #4 & #5 kind of destroy all that formidable predator cred he earned in the first three.
Excellent set......I like #6 and 7 for a change......
Excellence!! #1 because I also like the tiny bit of motion blur at the wing tips, and #5 because - well, it really doesn't need an explanation.
It is a great set, but I really love #1! It has a real "Pop" feel. almost 3D in a way, love it!:)
Thanks for all your kind words!
Nice work as always!
Beautiful background on the first one.
Nice as usual. #4 seems to be saying, "Do you mind...?!"
I was just at a birds of prey display at the New York State Fair and it was hard to get a clear shot of those birds in controlled conditions. I'm amazed by the quality of your shots. Excellent work.

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