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Jul 16, 2015
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OK- I want to give my adult son a photo of one of his fledgling herd he's starting as a gift. It'll be enlarged to something fairly big (more than 8x10; maybe on canvas). I wanted to catch the ear-tag that has his name (blurred our for internet privacy), along with his phone # (also blurred for purposes of this thread) as I think he'll get a kick out of it. He's literally JUST getting started.

Of course in the original, it says something like: Peeb Ranch / 918-123-4567). Given the focus on the ear-tag, I'm tempted to highlight it.


Here is the original:

So, TWO fun cliches for the price of ONE:
a) the terrible colorized b/w photo; and
b) the color vs b/w thread.

Please forgive me and help me choose. Thanks in advance.
I think you should make the cow pink.
I think you should make the cow pink.
Ha! No, that would be for elephants.

Any ranch folk out there? There's a bias for black cattle which makes the b/w one sexy, but I kinda like the colors on the red one.
I prefer the b&w one by a mile. The tags stand out so much more in the b&w. Don't let other people's preferences stop you from doing what you like. Art is the last place for groupthink.
You definitely need to increase the saturation on the yellow in the tags - that would really make them 'pop' ;)
I prefer the b&w version, however if the herd is brown and you're doing the photo as a representation of your sons farm endeavor, he might prefer the color version that truly represents his herd.
That's a fair observation, but it this point his herd it's a bit of a Heinz 57 mix: some reds, some blacks, and some Baldies ( either red or black bodies, with white faces). I think his favorite though are the black Angus.

Of course, the smart rancher always prefers what the buyer wants!
Another vote for color version.
In that case, I'd definitely go with the b&w print. That one really has a certain punch to it that the others don't. :)
I'd totally Andy Warhol the hell out of that picture! :D

If not, I prefer the color. The eyes "connect" better in the color version.


Stick with the Sepia, add some heart shaped vignetting and an obnoxious border and I'm telling you, you've got instagram hall of fame written all over that bad oscar.


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