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stealing or remaking? but a cool idea. :D


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Jul 27, 2012
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new orleans
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Below is a link to a photo that someone made it show a 39yr old photo Photoshoped onto the same street today very cool idea I think we can all agree it is cool. but the thing I want to know is it copyright infringement? I am going to try to do this in New Orleans and wonder could I show them?

I would consider that a derivative work.
It's kind of how rappers sample a rock bands music,I don't know the legalities of that either :lmao:
It would depend on what licensing the image has. If the artist has shared it under a creative commons license on a website like Deviant Art for example. And they have chosen the respective attributes that allow you to modify their image then as long as you adhere to their chosen specifications, like if it has been licensed under a creative commons Attribution CC BY then you would be able to modify the work as long as all the correct accreditations are in place.

My knowledge of licensing and copyright infringement is very limited, so maybe some more clued up people can jump in and help. But I think that as long as you ensure that the image has been shared with a derivative type license then it should be alright. Just make sure to credit the original. And it is generally considered courteous to inform the original artist of the derivative work you have done and include a link.
Assuming that you have picked out the photo you wish to use, getting permission likely wouldn't be too difficult.

I think if you told the copyright owner what you wanted to do, they may like the idea.

You may even be able to find a photo that is in the public domain, then all this copyright stuff will be a non-issue.
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Usually, when I see these, the photographer for the *now* shot is either using one of their own old photos or a family member's.
Thanks Guys, I have not yet found the photo I want to use. New Orleans has had lots and lot of photos taken during it life time so I should be able to match up some streets somewhere.

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