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May 24, 2012
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Steve Huff explains why all his reviews are so enthusiastic.
Many ask me why my reviews are so enthusiastic. [...] That’s how I am when I am truly excited about something. When a new camera or piece of gear arrives (and I get new gear WEEKLY) and it is something that is REALLY good or ticks my boxes, then I get excited about it and THAT excitement OOZES in my words because I TRULY am excited and want to share this excitement WITH YOU, ALL OF YOU! [...]
This sounds like Steve Huff suffers from the same hyperactivity I suspect from many Sony employees. Every week new stuff ... yeesh !

If it were a money game for me, I would be all over the Fuji Bandwagon promoting Fuji, as they are popular and THOUSANDS love them. I could make loads of cash “being enthusiastic” about a Fuji camera but instead I share my REAL feelings [...] I have been one of their biggest critics over the past 2 years due to build quality, speed, AF accuracy and the X-Trans sensor. [...]
I have no reason to suspect any actual dishonesty from Steve Huff. Of course that doesnt mean I share his opinions.

I also do not write about Canon or Nikon, as they are doing NOTHING that excites me. Same old same old. [...]
Hmm. I have to say I'm quite happy with my "boring" Nikon D750. My prime concern is if I can get great image quality when I nail the shot, and if I can nail the shot in many different circumstances.

I could have reviewed the Samsung NX1 but after testing it for 2 weeks, I realized I could never recommend it. [...]
Havent checked their cameras myself. Probably mostly because when I hear Samsung, I think of cheap low quality crap for the masses.

IMHO Samsung had the arrogance of Sony that they want to control the photography market through sheer superior investment power minus Sonys last shred of wisdom to at least buy Minolta and join forces with Zeiss so they would have at least some basic knowhow.

With that said, my next reviews?

Sony GM lenses on the A7RII

Leica T with NEW Firmware UPDATE

A longer look at the new PEN-F with new video on menu system and more

FUJI X-Pro 2. I am actually thinking this one will be GREAT. Hope so.

As for this website, I spend MEGA hours working on it. In fact, most of my life for the past 8 years has been devoted to this site, and believe me, the return it gives me in $$ could be much better, but I am happy running it how I run it. My way. I’ll take happiness, peace and love over mega bucks any day. So to all of you who use my links to buy your gear, I THANK YOU, it truly does help this site continue and after THOUSANDS of posts and articles and reviews, its going stronger than ever.

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