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Jun 19, 2010
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Me and my daughter were playing at the park today and this little (ok not so little) cutie came up! So....we ended up taking her home! We are trying to find her a good home!

Cute puppy but as said the focus is off. Aim for the eyes. Glad to see you took her home instead of just leaving her to fend for herself!
Beyond the focus, the color is also off. Appears to have been processed with an odd change in color balance - ie. adding too much red and green after shooting. Either that or the cam's white balance is set to a different temperature than the outdoor setting or default auto setting.

Cute doggie! Looks like you, your daughter and the dog all have some new friends! Good for you making a difference.
You are supposed to take the dog to the closest animal shelter in that area. If the owner is looking for her, he will be calling the shelters. Plus the dog may have a chip in her.
EXiF shows the the flash went off, but you still shot at 1/30 sec (active D lighting maybe).
The slow shutter probably contributed to the motion blur. At a focal length of 105mm you would want to be around 1/150 sec for a hand held shot.
The shelter is too full and i've placed pics of her and info in all the local ads. If we don't hear from anyone within a week we will adopt her out to a new family. :)

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