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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by goodluk2u, Sep 29, 2003.

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    Okay. Ive decided. Im buying a new freaking camera. Well, to tell you in short, my grandpa was a war-time photographer (He also took photos out of spyplanes, and several of those and other photos I inherited, one of a Nazi concentration camp, Bergen-Belsen) , and after he died, I got all of his cameras, because he was teaching me photography, so, I got his cameras. I chose to use his camera that he used until the point that he died, which is a maybe 10 or 20 year old Minolta X-GM, and recently, its just been flipping out. The lenses are impossible to switch out, when you switch shutter-speeds, sometimes it wont even fire, sometimes (like now) it will just die, and not shoot a photo, even though the lever is cocked, and the battery is full. But, the sad thing is, its just the camera has excellent quality, and is a treasured family item. Maybe, I should just give it to my dad...

    Woah. I loaded on the typing there.

    Anyway, Ive decided I should get a new camera, a SLR (not going digital, thats what a film scanner is for :D), and am looking for reasonable price, good quality, and if you can, light. Please, any recommendations would be so helpful. Thanks alot!

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    It may be worth a CLA. Take it to a good camera repair and let them inspect it. A CLA will make it like new.

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