Taken all your advice and done a new site


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Mar 31, 2010
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Hi, I'm hoping this is the last time I post this. I listened to the feedback you gave me on my site and have completely rebuilt it from the base up.

I think I have covered all the previous comments, so would really appreciate some feedback on the latest incarnation. Digicase Photography Bridgend

Thanks in advance, Lee.
The layout is clean, but I only see one wedding photo. No slide shows or portfolios.

Thanks, I'm not sure why it's no showing pics on yours, it's been OK on 4 other computers I've seen it on.
If you can come up with a way I can do that, your comment would be helpful. BTW I don't do sarcasm.
I'm not being sarcastic, but sorry your logo is way too big IMO. All you need to do is re-size your logo. I would shrink it at least 50%. Right now your logo is 940px × 198px. I would shrink it around 400 x 100.
If I shrink the image, wordpress stretches it again to the same size

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