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Jan 15, 2012
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West Springfield, MA
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Hi all, been awhile since I've posted anything but decided to come back after many months of practice. I've started to get away from strictly HDR shooting and wanted to get some impressions or advice. Both of these shots were taken in Massachusetts at Savoy Mountain State Park. This place was incredible and worth a look if ever in the area. One waterfall 80+ ft and another around 50. These photos were taken of two of the dozen or so small falls and cascades along the trail to the big ones. I spent more time in these little falls and appreciated their flow much more than the bigger, raging falls.

The first on i tried to capture the subtlety of the flow and spent much time just watching and enjoying it. I really liked the different directions and how they all worked together to create this photo.

The second one I wanted to merge the contrasting elements of the beautiful green colors on the rock with the silky streams and bumpy ripples of this cascade.

I hope you enjoy and if not hope you tell me why. Thanks for looking.


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I quite like #1, 'though I would like to see just a hint of detail in some of the deep shadow regions. #2, I'm afraid I just can't wrap my head around. I know what it is, but something isn't making sense to me....
What Tirediron said but both need more detail in the deeper shadows. For me, the area where the water pools at the bottom left is too incongruent with the nice flow above it...sort of kills the eye flow. Your whites in the water are simply superb!
Thank you guys for the comments. I will go back and try to get those details back in edit and repost them. I will attempt to see what i can do with the 2nd photo as well to see if I can get rid of that pool without losing much else. Might not be able to but that just means ill have to revisit the place again and get it right in camera haha. Appreciate the compliments as well.

If you guys think of it check back after the weekend to gimme your thoughts on the edits. It would be a big help. Thanks again.

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