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Dec 29, 2015
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Agree with above. Very interesting portraits and great props. I'm sooo glad these are in color.
Oh, yes, i see..))) highlights are too much ! Thanks for your feedback) :586:

Hi Mmishurova and welcome to the forum.

All very beautiful models, I must say!

1) I like the facial expression and engaging stare. The dress, couch/sofa are interesting props. I like the background too although feels a bit too bright and would benefit from being about 1/2 a stop dimmer. I'd like a little more contrast or at least highlight detail in the dress to give it a bit more punch. Her left arm disappearing into the dress almost gives the appearance of it being amputated. The pose would probably work without such a big dress but I don't think it does here.

2) Again I like the facial expression and the way the model is engaging with the camera. I like the way the dress occupies the foreground around her, although I would recommend cloning in the gaps that reveal the backdrop. The exposure on her is a little bit bright and I think a bigger modifier would have been better. This would have lifted the shadow area beneath her hair. Alternatively adding a subtle fill light to that area. The flower stand behind unbalances the image. You have a pretty neutral background and the model is centered in the frame, but the flowers behind pull emphasis off the model.

3) I think this is the strongest image. The eye contact is really engaging and the red of the chair and green of the dress add a nice contrast. The only thing I wish was different is either her hand position or a slightly longer crop. The cutting off of the hand is a bit awkward. It would have been better on her knee, as those she was raising her dress to reveal her leg. Also the inside seam of the dress is visible. Other than that, a really solid shot!

4) This is the weakest of the 4 I think. There is a lot going on in the image and I'm not sure where to look first. I also think the wall competes with the foreground elements. If this was just plain white, I think it would have worked better. Also shooting this wider, so the dress was visible in its entirety and acting as a lead into the image would have been much stronger.

Overall some very good images that just need enhancing inside Photoshop to bring the best out of them. If any of the models are looking for an overweight, almost middle aged, poor Englishman, I would happily hand over my telephone number :eyebrows:
I am grateful to you for such reasoned opinions! :1247:Thanks to you I noticed some things that had not noticed before . I will try with more force and show you new photos:586:

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