The BESTsunrise photo I have ever MISSED!

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Jun 8, 2010
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Barnsley, Oop-Nooerth, UK
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Set off to work early - stopped off for some "night" shots before the sun rose. Was poor, too many clouds. Shot a few long exposures, then the battery quit and I forgot the replacement. Never mind - sky wasn't so good wnyway.
Drove to work.
Sat with a cuppa, look out of the window and what do I see? THE most stunning sunrise I have ever seen! And I have no camera! :mad::(:cry:
Could be worse. A few years ago, clarinetjwd and I went got up briiiiiight and early (actually, it was quite dark out) and headed to Galveston, TX to the beach to photograph the sunrise.

THAT was the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen. I took over 300 pictures, JUST OF THE SUNRISE! I got some great shots, too. Later on, before going out for another photo session, I formatted my card thinking that I'd already had him put them on his computer for me (I was visiting from out of state and didn't have a laptop of my own yet).

Yeah, I hadn't backed uploaded them yet. I HAD the photos taken already . . . hundreds of them . . . and deleted them because I was careless.

I think that's worse. :p
S'all good. The next time I came to visit, we went again. The sunrise wasn't nearly as spectacular, but I did get some good shots!

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