The magic carpet ride of books.

Grandpa Ron

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Aug 9, 2018
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I do not know the sculpture but I think he captured the concept. This was on display at the library in Bozeman MT.

a very nice photo, but it's not good enough to replace the nova cafe with the library as my #1 favorite place in bozeman. sorry, pixels just don't beat cornmeal pancakes. ;)
There's one of these in downtown Charleston, SC. And yes, the artist got it exactly right. For a kid growing up on an island in the Mississippi River, the little library there was my passport to the world.
Nice take of a fun statue.

Just out of interest, who if anyone does it depict.
Love the face seems to emit pure joy of the ride
The magic carpet was one dozens of pieces on show at the Bozeman library. It was closed so we had no way of knowing how or why the exhibit came to be.

Many were recycles art, mobiles or abstract construction place along a hiking trail in the park next to the library.

Here are a few more.

old gas cylinder bird.



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