The New Canon 30D


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May 2, 2005
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Im looking to upgrade shortly and ive been looking at the canon 30d....has anyone out there got one already if so are they any better than the 20d??
Im using a 350d at the moment but its starting to feel abit small and thats the only reason im looking to ungrade really, is there much of a jump up to the 30d??
Hope someone can help.

Well... like many people here, I have the 20D. It's a big step-up size wise from the 350 - I was originally going to get a 350, but couldn't hold it still because of its size. There isn't much difference in image quality, but there's a hell of an advantage in holdability (word?).

IMO i would go 30d since the price difference isnt that much between it and the 20d. overall quality-wise the 350d and 20d/30d are both great, but the 20d/30ds have better build quality. the image quality is pretty much the same, but there are some more features with the 20d/30d than with the 350d, such as 5fps, more exposure settings, more advanced custom functions, etc. the 30d is a couple steps ahead of the 20d in that it has a larger lcd, spot meter, and you can adjust ISO in 1/3 stops instead of just the standard one stop increments (100, 200, 400, etc.). if those things arent that much of an advantage to you, and you need to save money, then just go with the 20d. I love mine, and am VERY glad I purchased it.
Excellent. Well youve just helped me make my mind up, a 30d it is, cheers guys!!:mrgreen:

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