The wall of gum


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Jun 20, 2010
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Vancouver, Washington
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gum wall.jpg by peanut170, on Flickr

This is in the alley/road right under Pike place market in Seattle, its bout twice the size of what you see here, but was more determined to get an angle where you can see the dude who is playing in it. He actually was pulling down all of a certain color and stretching them out like play-doh, to make his own picture, then would switch to a new color, which at the time seemed like a girl carrying a balloon that had his and hers initials, he had a camera on the ground, so think he was making some special love picture to his girl outa gum to take a pic for her. How sweet Anyways thought some might find a gum wall interesting.
that's kind of gross haha
It's a cool picture, but is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen.
As soon as I saw the picture I new I had seen that wall before, I just couldn't remember where. It is pretty gross, but cool at the same time. Nice picture. :thumbsup:
OK, I'm grossed out. I think this place calls for a macro lens.
Looks very sanitary and germ free. Not!
This is awesome mainly b/c here in Charleston, SC we have ...

Ahh Pikes Place, where you can ride a bronze pig and then enjoy some chewing gum off a wall.
Argh, if only I had a camera when I saw that guy throwing up in the ally where the gum wall is, posting it right now would have been perfect!

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