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Dec 7, 2013
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Hello, I need your opinions. I have been using an old d700 for a while now and am looking to upgrade. Unfortunately I can only afford used gear. I was looking at the D800 with a low shutter count. I was wondering if anyone had any thought or opinions on what they think I should do. Is the D800 worth it? I am going back to Central America and really want to do it right. Is there another Nikon body I should look at? (Full frame)

I think a used D800 with low shutter count makes a lot of sense, financially. Prices on D800 bodies have come down to a very reasonable level.
I was told the only real difference between the new 810 and the 800 is wifi. I don't even know how to work my phone lol.
There are a number of significant differences between the D800 and the 810, most significant are improvements to the buffer and high ISO resolution. One of the main issues with the D800 is that the buffer is comparatively small and fills up quickly. If you're not going to be shooting large numbers of images in quick succession, this isn't an issue, and for someone on a budget, the '800, IMO, represents MUCH better 'bang for the buck' than does the '810.
Well, there are a few other differences, like a new exposure metering algorithm that ties in with face detection, and an electronic first curtain shutter operation that is supposed to offer lower vibration for high magnification work where eliminating every possible bit of vibration can help get sharper images. The D810 is not a huge, sweeping upgrade or a wholesale revision of the D800 or D800e, but there's a little bit more than just WiFi. As John mentions above, there are also some other differences that some people will appreciate having. Buffer for example: with a camera that shoots BIG files, buffer, both shot the absolute allowable shots number and buffer clearing speeds, become an issue in many types of photography
Apart from utter speed, (fps and buffer), the d800 improves over most aspects of the already fab d700. They look a bit of a bargain now as well
D810 has a better AF system too
I'm not sure what to do haha. I wanted an upgrade from the d700 higher resolution images any other suggestions.
well the D800 is a awesome camera, the D750 is more along what i would want if i went full frame. for my wild life shooting ill stick with the d7200, it does the job for me...

i have seen photos taken with a d3200 that look better than some photos taken with a 800 or 810 a good photographer with a good lens and mid grade body can really get some nice photos..
Buying used I would go with the D800 if the main issue is to just get the higher mp body.
D800, D800E, D810, D810A. Get any of them (any), used with low shutter count, and be happy. The D800 is the great bargain today. No way to go wrong at all. Good luck.
How does the D800 sensor compare to the D750? I've seen that they've been on sale for about $1,500 new if you catch them at the right time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is upon us.
How does the D800 sensor compare to the D750? I've seen that they've been on sale for about $1,500 new if you catch them at the right time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is upon us.

See the direct sensor comparison data in here:
Nikon D800 vs Nikon D750 | DxOMark (click the 'Measurements' tab for full details)
Don't listen to the negativity. D800 rocks!!! I came from the D700 and didn't look back.
If your budget can swing the D810, it's a little improved. If not, the D800 is awesome.

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