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Mar 1, 2009
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New Zealand
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Look, see and critique.. Negative critiquing welcome





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thanks for that..yeah i gave that photo to my GF as a present..quite cool how such a small thing can make someone happy..
i like the heart too..nice one
okay heres an udpate..check these car shoot i did..


Thats a really nice EK Civic. Are you using this as a portfolio? If so is that how you want the critique?
dont really mind how the photos get critiqued..as long as you have an opinion then post it up..and yeah my folio so i can get some judgement on the photos i take
From your first post, photos 2, 3 and 4 are the good ones, IMO.

The first one seems to be off in composition. I have to imagine that the left of the photograph was your main subject. I would have done more to show this and the people standing around. The tree on the right hand side is more of a distraction than a piece of the composition.

Your floral photo is great, has nice clarity and DOF!

The monument photograph I actually had to put on a grid to see if it was straight, and found that it is. Maybe some kind of optical illusion, but when I turn off the grid, it looks like it's leaning to the left.

The locket photo is my favorite of them all! The only thing i would have done differently would have been to use a not so shallow DOF so that the chain wasn't so blurry in the foreground.

The last one, neither good nor bad in my opinion, is a fairly typical photograph. Try putting something in the foreground of your photos like this, or finding a interesting horizon line that adds something to the photograph. I'd also move the horizon line up to the 1/3 mark or around there.

Hope this helps, and remember these are only my opinion, someone else may come and say the complete opposite!
Its been awhile since i posted so heres a few recent ones ive taken


Nice pictures, especially the heart and the third picture, however the cars' photos - specifically the night pictures - the lighting in it is not nice, like you used a direct flash or something like that. I like the first picture of the R34 though!
#4 is really beautiful!
Fokker: Hey didnt know you were on here. But the photos at the Rotorua museum.

Al-Wazeer: Thanks. Yeah the cars were taken with direct flash. The last few car pics, i wasnt very prepared and just had my flash, trigger and cam. was a late notice shoot but some turned out to the car owners liking. Yeah the 1st pic of the 34 is nice. Had the good ol sun

DScience: thanks.

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