This place ain't so bad

*quietly replaces his anti penguin websites with pro penguin ones*
*also stops sending out the penguin hatemail*

ahem nought happening here
^^^ Too late! I've saved all the thread entries and links and am building my case against you now! Gonna sue ya for all the money you've got. (Ummm, you DO have lots of money, right?)
errr money?
you are aware that I have a terrible macro addiction - not a penny to my name now!
S'okay, I have a Canon too and will both cure your addiction and feed my own by taking your lenses as 'payment in kind'.

did I mention that I was changing to nikon?

ask LP its true - he has all my canon stuff now - yes - if you look at my camera is has a nice flashy nikon on it now

so it won't work for you -- sorry
still you can have my collection of pocket lint if you want
** utterly refrains from making snarky comments about lawyers at this time **

Q. What's the difference between a lawyer and a vampire?
A. A vampire only sucks blood at night.

Im not afraid.
errr money?

Did you even read the article? Oral sex is obviously the preferred way to apologize for penguin hating and/or get into Yale law school.

...[runs away]
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Well now I feel like writing bad things about those two. And our ex-pres can really rake in the big bucks now.

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