tiger at the zoo, C&C welcome!


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May 21, 2008
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Pittsburgh, PA
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finally got out to the zoo this year. my favorite place to shoot. got 1 good shot of one of the tigers

Absolutely amazing shot! The clarity and the expression captured is fantastic. I am no pro, so I can't comment on the technical or advanced break down of your photo, but I still think it was a job well done. :mrgreen:
Its all like RAWR and stuff. LOL
Nice shot.
Absolutely great picture of the tiger. Beautiful! I wish the fence was gone though.
I am a total newb to photography myself, so I don't know much about what makes a shot good or not, and I am still trying to learn alll the photography lingo, like stops, DOF, and all that malarkey, butI do know what I like. That is a great shot. I went to the zoo a few weeks ago, and the tigers were being a lazy bunch, so I couldn't get any good shots of them. The coolest shot I got was a chimp walking around with a blanket on his back like it was cape or something.
thanks for the comments!
i agree about the fence. i was trying to get a better angle but i was actually taking the shot through a pretty small window with a lot of people around. he was pacing back and forth waiting for food which is why he has his mouth open like that i'm guessing.

lol snyper i know what you mean. the mother tiger is usually just lying around. she was actually lying on a rock right outside of the view of this shot. this is one her "babies"... only a few years old but that cat is massive!
saw a gorilla walking around with a burlap bag on his back like a cape lol. he was so far away though!

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