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    I just received e-mail notification that my 24-105L has shipped. Now, I'm gonna be itchin' until that call from the store that it's ready for pick up. Aaarrrgh!

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    Hey, another "aargh"-thread! :D
    Peter, at least you know that it is on its way.
    With the Canon EOS 350D that I have dropped hints about towards my "inbuilt Father Christmas" (aka husband) I don't see anything happening towards it even being ordered, let along bought or about to be here on time. My new computer, that was supposed to be my Christmas "surprise" for 2004 was here in February 2005 at last! (And the wonderful new flat screen that made me so happy because it was so clear and blight with not a flicker to be seen and all the nice photos of here fitting and all, has died a sudden death on me on Thursday morning already!).

    But yes, I feel for you ...

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