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May 17, 2011
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I've spied on my neighbors with a telephoto lens before. I even used it to check out butts while the Women's Lacrosse team was practicing.
I did that once...but then I realized that the neighbor was in fact, a real *ss who wore glasses and some pink frilly thing on top of his head...and it freaked me out a little. :biglaugh:
I didn't inhale and I sneezed before I could get any up my nose. Was not allowed anywhere near it after that. Win win situation.
I squeezed the Charmin. Sorry, Mr Whipple.

I admit that I had to Google this and confess that I still don't get it.
I ran with scissors , and filmed it .
Too rich for my blood.
I've torn those jammin' tags off of mattresses. :eek:
I've torn those jammin' tags off of mattresses. :eek:

At first glance I thought you said you wore those mattress stickers as jammies.

I was confused, but then I imagined it ... and that would have been stellar.
I put my camera in program once.


Wanted to live life on the edge.
Wow! Charmin is a brand of toilet paper. Mr Whipple was the shopkeep in the commercials, trying to stop people from squeezing the Charmin.


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