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Jul 20, 2010
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I had a friend ask me about helping them make transparencies of artwork. Since I came up in the digital era, I do not know much about this, but figured it might go hand in hand with photography since transparencies are used or atleast used to be used quite often. Anyway, I researched and found some homemade ways of making them. My question is: Is there an easy way to make them using digital technology? Can I scan a piece of art in a scanner and then somehow have it printed using an inkjet, or can I send it off to be printed??

Thanks for any help, I realize this is kind of a wierd question.
If you go to large office supply stores, you should still be able to buy blank overhead projector transparency sheets. Make sure you get the ones that are meant for photocopiers; load them in the paper tray (or of a laser-printer) and copy/print your art as required.
35mm mounted transparencies are pretty darned easy to make with a roll of Ektachrome and a 35mm SLR...light,shoot,take to lab, pay and retrieve mounted transparencies...

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