Triopo Carbon Fiber Tripod GX-1127

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    • Lightweight, over 30% lighter than traditional aluminium tripods;
    • The best exquisite, firm and stable carbon fiber tube by latest 3rd generation high strength carbon fiber technology;
    • Adjustment leg angles, convenience and flexible to set to the desired angle (24, 55 or 80 degrees);
    • Reversible grooved-design center column, offers flexibility to meet shooting angles and eliminates rotation;
    • Anti-rotating head mounting setscrews to provide secure mounting of a tripod head;
    • Leg Section Locking System, operating easily and locking the legs and centre column quickly and firmly when adjusting length;
    • Build-in spirit level and compass, considerate and helpful for outdoor shooting;
    • Resistant to temperature changes wherever shooting in torrid zone or polar region or other circumstance;
    &nbll; Excellent vibration absorbing and patented dust resistance rubber grips and water resistance.

    The price : $134.99

    More details :Triopo Camera Tripod GX-1127 Carbon Fiber


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