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Jan 21, 2016
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I have a tripod I like, but the screw that holds the camera to the tripod broke. Now there is nothing to hold the camera to the tripod. Is there anyone who makes a generic replacement?

It's a Vivitar Pro Line 200 if that helps at all.
My first tripod was a Vivitar, lasted a long time. If I remember you could unthread the screw when it was out at the end. It would probably be hard to find another screw specifically for this model. I would go find a used tripod if you need something very inexpensive.

Or just consider it time to upgrade. I prefer having a quick release plate and a head that you can change out independently of the legs.
Search eBay for "tripod screw" or "1/4-20 tripod screw" chances are, there will be something that will work.
Or go directly to the Vivitar company to get the exact replacement screw.

I had good luck by going to the Velbon company to get a tripod screw.

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