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Aug 22, 2011
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mid glamorgan, UK
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I've just had my new lens delivered and it has a tripod markings on it and the instructions show how to attach a tripod, I'm confused, doesn't the camera body get attached to the tripod, not the lens? That's what I normally do, can anyone explain to me please? Thanks :confused:
What lens is it?

Bigger lenses will sometimes come with (or have the option of using) a tripod collar. This is because the lens is so heavy, that if the camera was mounted to a tripod, the cantilevered lens would cause the setup to be much less stable that if it was mounted closer to the centre of gravity.
Assuming you have a tripod and a plate that stays with your camera on or off the tripod, use the same type of screw in tripod plate, but keep one on your lens and one on you camera that way you are ready for all the action!

Also assuming that you dont have a tripod with just a screw in
yes it is a heavy lens, that explains it then. thanks for the help :)
When the camera wieghs more than the lens any tripod or strap should be attached to the camera. When the lens weighs more, then attach tripods and carry straps to the lens. Most substantial lenses come with a tripod mounting foot and on larger lenses they are offset to help with balancing things so they don't tend to tip forward or back. Mounting things this way keeps down the possibility of damaging the lens mount area on the camera.
That's not a big Lens. The smallest "big lens" I would consider is the 70-200/2.8 series.

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