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Turning on WiFi 5D IV


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Oct 5, 2016
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I own a 5D IV and an 80D. On the 80D I can hit the Q button and turn communications on and off without leaving the quick control screen. Is there a way to do this with the 5D IV?

If not, how much battery does it use leaving it on?
That's weird, the quick control screen in the manual is different from mine in camera. The one in the manual seems to have wi-fi on it but I can't see it on my display. Maybe I need a firmware update.

You can turn it on through communications option in the settings menu. You could add this to the my menu settings as a quick way of getting to it. Not sure on the battery life impact, wi-fi is a fairly significant drain IME but I don't tend to use it much in camera.
I'm on the latest firmware update, 1.2.1. I know how to navigate the menu but that's a pain lol. I liked having quick access. Even making a custom screen there's no widget for it.

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