Two fresh Images need some critique

#1 is a phenomenal geometric abstract

#2 very well processed. Some motion ghosting in the hall? Intentional? If not, can be masked out. Also, I can't shake the feeling that the horizon is off center.

Looks like it's slightly tilted right.

I gave straightening a shot. A bit difficult given the geometry, lack of symmetry, and distortion. But slightly better maybe: I used the bar dead center as my point of reference for leveling it.

I don't mind the bit of ghosting with the figures, it adds a bit of live (no pun intended) and energy which is difficult with hdr work.
I agree on the moving people. That adds to it.

As for #1, I can't decide whether I'm looking in, down or up :lol: Only that light bothers me a bit.
I also fancy #1 its like looking at an Esher painting. Great processing as well!

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