upgrade from Nikon D5000 to EOS 40D??


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Aug 9, 2010
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Hochspeyer Germany
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am new here and am looking for a bit of advice,
I have recently returned to photography and am enjoying again :)

I purchased a Nikon D40 and am not 100% happy, I just don't feel comfortable with the fell of it.

Now I am thinking of of upgrading to a Canon EOS 40D.

Now the main question is, ii it worth it? I guess the picture quality could be the same.

Has anyone played with both??


Pete :thumbup:
Is it a D5000 or a D40?

The Canon 40D is very similar to my 50D. I can't say you'll magically take better photos because you probably won't. However, I did handle both a D5000 and a D90 (and a Canon 550D) before deciding on the 50D. I can tell you why I preferred it, but that doesn't mean you will too.

Personally, I liked the larger, more solid feel of the magnesium alloy body, the faster shooting, the clearer viewfinder and the dial controls (over push buttons).

Can you be a bit more specific about what you don't like about the Nikon?
My advice would be to go with the d90. I know what you mean about the "feel" of the d40 and i dont like it either. Main reason why i dont like canons is because the prosumer stuff feels a bit tacky imo.
Personal preference is all that should influence your canon or nikon choice. Nikon's D90 is pretty similar to Canon's 40d. I have a 40d and I must say I like it quite a lot.
If you already have any decent Nikon lenses I'd say stick with Nikon.

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