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Sep 4, 2007
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These are a couple of pictures i took a few days back when i went walking in the park.
These first two i wanted the sky to be blown out so your attention would be drawn to the buildings.






I think i might have learned a good lesson this day when i shot these, it was overly bright out and with out a hood i think to much sun was hitting the lens directly especially with the third and fourth pictures
I really like the two bw pictures and the last one. The last one has a really strong line which draws you through he picture.
thanks :)! i wasn't to sure how people would take them so that makes me happy. The building shots i really like, something about how the life around the buildings continued to grow (the tower is fully surrounded by brush and trees and such) and you can see that with the house. and the last shot was an old path so it had been almost un touched and i felt the logs on the left and the fact that it was so straight for so long gave good dimension.
i like how the tress frame the picture in the first one. but perhaps a bit too much of them showing?

i think the landscpae one a bit more ground should be showing

i love the last 2, but the images dont seem that clear and crisp, bit hazy
The last three so look like photos that I have taken in the past couple of weeks, too ... funny how things resemble each other.

But I would never be able to photograph anything like you did in your first two, for there simply are no abandoned places such as that one in our woods anywhere, where nature claims back its right in such abundance that the house will soon be "buried" by all the creepers that is growing up its walls. I really like the first photo - subjectwise - and don't mind the blown sky in the second, either. The first makes me wonder if not the highlights could be upped even more, despite the peak that you certainly get on the right because of the blown-out sky... or maybe you only up the highlights in a selected area ... seems like the house and plants could do with some more contrasts.

I can't get over how similar your photos are to my recent ones... and we live continents apart. Heehee.
thanks guys :) means a lot!!!! lafoto i know what you mean i've seen a few where i feel photographs are almost identical yet impossible wanna post yours :)?

I'm actually surprised that i was able to capture the first to photographs, they completely redid the site where those were added like a multi million dollar library but kept a few of the other older buildings and those to buildings were right across from eachother and there was very little room to get a wide shot on the tower
anyone else with any suggestions? my digital photography teacher just informed me of a contest at Drexel university for highschool students and i can enter up to 3 photos and im thinking of the first two will be one of my entries.
I like #2.

#3 has only one thing that kind of bothers me...the shadows from the trees behind you...if you would have used some foot zoom, that wouldn't have been part of the picture, but all in all...they are really nice!
THANKS N'Kolor. I really like #2 for some reason i feel like it gives really good perspective and it isnt to busy in the picture. #3 i know what you mean, it was so overly bright that day i actually wasnt sure if that picture would come out at all. Thanks guys :)
I like all of them, I thought the last one was a little dark. I did a little PP work on it, hope you don't mind.

dont mind at all ambriz. i thought it was a tad dark too. but i feel the leaves are a little to bright in yours on the trees.
i'm actually using the last shot in a project for my digital photography class and it looks a lot better now then in the original, once im done i'll get it on this computer and post it up here so you guys can see it.
I like the tower, but I'd take five steps back then do the same thing.

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