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Feb 5, 2012
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Hey! I decided to post things since I got a new camera and probably need some direction. I've been following the site awhile and reading a lot of stuff about photography, so I guess now it's time to let the critics decide where I need to go. Specifically, what am I doing wrong and need to work on?

Anyway, so this is my favorite shot that I've taken thus far. It's of my cat, which might be kind of lame, but I haven't had much time to go out and shoot. I don't remember the mode I was in, but I don't think it was one of the pre-sets because I don't really like those (I much prefer to change everything around myself). I suppose it doesn't have much of a "story," but this was just me learning my camera.



Problems I see: A little too warm, grainy due to high ISOs, possibly tilted slightly, clipped the ear a bit

Anything else?
The background! The difference between a snapshot and a photograph is very often the treatment of the background. Find a location that has either a plain, un-distracting background, or an interesting, appropriate one. The middle of the living room with furniture in the background kills this shot (and all your other points are valid).
The cat is distorted in an unflattering way because this was shot at an extreme wide-angle focal length. The part of the cat's fore-leg that is on the carpet looks almost as big as the rest of the cat. Most portraits, human or animal, are better done at longer focal lengths for this reason.
I didn't even think about his ARM being odd in comparison to his body. I knew the bg was dumb but it was just a snap shot. Colors are off to me too.

Thanks for the critiques :)
Your WB is off. and you can crop tight.
BTW, I thought all C&C thread should go to general gallery.
I don't mind the background, its mostly clean and gives it more of a lifestyle feel. The colors are definitely too pop'd though, and hes got Mega Arm!

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