Wasp Vs Ant


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Sep 11, 2009
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The arctic North Coast
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I think I'll smash my camera with a hammer... I'll never get anything like this again... well, maybe I'll keep it... just sayin'


ISO 400
1/200 second
diffused flash
This gives me really great encouragement. I have a T1i as well and worry all the time that I'll never get photos that look like this one. It's beautiful. Awesome work. :D
A very nice capture.

Makes me think of the Organ Pipe Mud Dauber wasps we have here that capture spiders to feed the young. Our basement door has many nests on it.
I wish there was a kill shot too lol. I have one of a robber fly with have a bug jammed in his mouth. One of my favorite macro shots so far.
Denny - this is too good to be in the beginner's section. You should be posting these in the macro section so I don't almost miss it next time. This is a great shot and glad I stumbled into your thread.
David vs Goliath!

Nice shot Denny!! Way cool!
Thanks, all!

I'll fess up, I never saw the ant when I took the shot. I was following the wasp around the flowers and took about 8 shots of it. I didn't notice this one until I reviewed them on my PC. The wasp flew away after this, so Ant wins by default.

BuS RiDeR, yeah, I'd like that ant a lil' sharper too... but it does look a little better printed or viewed at full resolution.
So, where's the follow-up shot of a couple of ants doing high-fives over a beer?

Really nice shot!

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