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Jan 3, 2012
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Hello all,

I currently own a Nikon D800 and D40, both of which I a very happy with. The problem is that I don't always want to lug around a DSLR everywhere I go. Also, I love deep woods backpacking, kayaking in the ocean, mudding, and pretty much every other type of recreational activity you wouldn't want to take thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment to.

I'm looking for a compact camera that 1. I can slip in my pocket for when I go out with my friends, 2. can withstand the weather when I am out on my wilderness adventures. (I'm mostly concerned about rain and sub-freezing temperatures), and 3. still yields a high image quality.

Price is not a huge issue as long as it's not in the same range as a high quality DSLR.

At first I considered the Gopro, and other similar action cameras, but after a bit of research, I'm convinced those are not what I am looking for. I'm currently seriously considering the Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS.

If anyone has experience with this camera, or suggestions as to any other camera I may like I would highly appreciate it.
Hi Fingtam - I've been thinking about a waterproof camera and found this video from the folks at The Camera Store to be very helpful:

In their opinion, the Nikon AW110 will give you better image quality, low light performance and autofocus speed than the $379 Olympus TG-2 - for less money (the orange colored AW110 is on sale for $275 at Amazon as of this post)

If video is important to you, you want the $348 Panasonic TS-5 - but for stills, the less expensive Nikon AW110 is probably your best bet.

Good luck with your decision!

Hybrid Camera Revolution
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Yes, I didn't mention this earlier, but video capabilities are important to me as well.
I took a quick look at the Panasonic TS-5, which I liked.

Can you tell me what makes the Nikon a better choice than the Panasonic?
If it is just because of the price difference I will probably go with the Panasonic. But will the Nikon give me higher image quality?
Yes, the Nikon AW110 clearly demonstrates better still image resolution than the Panasonic TS5 - see the side-by-side comparisons from about 7:30 to 8:10 in the video posted above (please watch full screen at 1080p to see the difference).

In my view, Chris is right - the AW110 is this year's winner in the pocket waterproof hybrid still/video camera category.

Again, hope this is helpful,

Hybrid Camera Revolution
As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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