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    Hey everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone would want to check out my website and let me know what you think. I mainly do photography for the Fire Dept, and occasionally take paid gigs. My website is mainly just for me to have a place to have my images that will handle ecommerce, it is not my most common avenue for getting business.

    Let need know what you think. I think it needs some tweaks, but can't pinpoint what; I need fresh eyes. Let me know what you think of my photos as well.

    (If you want to look at photos only,

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    So just simple things right off the bat. Your text font changes from the "home" page to the other pages. This is something that will take a moment to get all in line on smugmug. Second, it looks like you have kept the standard pricing that sumgmug lists....and 227.99 for a 5x5 standard canvas could be looked at a bit sideways. The "about me" section should talk about you, and then you should have a separate tad for "Services" were you put all the pricing and such.

    Just my two cents


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