What disadvantages does VR have?


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Apr 5, 2010
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Hi all,

question is in the subject. I just saw a post proposing to switch VR off for landscape shots. What would be the advantage?

I am quite new to photography technique and I cannot really imagine what downside VR possibly could have.
It can cause blur when the camera isn't moving (on a tripod etc.). Some say that it can affect the look of your bokeh (out of focus areas). It uses up battery power.

Take note that some newer lenses are smart enough to know when they are still (on a tripod etc.) and will disengage the VR (IS, OS etc.) on their own.
This topic has come up alot. In short, the idea is that having VR engaged in situations where the camera is already secured doesn't really benefit you at all. And, if anything, it creates the opportunity for the VR to introduce vibrations. It's not that it will definitely introduce vibrations into an already-secured shot... but since it certainly isn't useful in that scenario (since there aren't any vibrations to dampen), then why even take the chance, you know?

Whether or not it is super important to disengage VR on tripod-mounted shots is still a matter of debate, really... probably because different variants of VR technology have different characteristics which may make them more or less prone to accidentally introducing vibrations.
It limits the ultimate sharpness of the lens because the elements are moving sideways in relation to one another.

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