What is the best Lightbox setup to buy?

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by HellawellCustoms, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Hey guys new to the forums! Mostly came here to get some advice and tips on product photography. I am a sign maker and a ringmaker, and post allot of my products online. I am also a youtuber if that is a word, and make videos of me making signs,rings,knives etc.. Hoping to learn as much as I can about taking pictures for products. I live in a small town and unfortunately haven't found any local photographers that specialize in product photography. Luckily I am experienced with photoshop.

    Anyways here is my issue. I currently don't have a light box for my pictures, I just use a white poster board. For my lighting I am just using my Shop lights, that are 5M LED Strips in 5k white. It seems to be just bright enough to make a grey background. After some Photoshop work I can get some usable results but not perfect.

    I am wondering what the best option for a lightbox setup is? I know there are allot of diy ideas out there, should I build my own or is there a setup that I could buy that would work well for me?

    I was looking at this https://www.amazon.ca/CanadianStudi...443844&sr=8-22&keywords=LIGHT BOX PHOTOGRAPHY

    Is this a good setup?

    Here is one of my pictures after being edited.


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    Looks okay for a continuos light light tent type of kit...just use slowish shutter speeds, and you oughtta get light tent type lighting.
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    Try to rethink things and work up a plan to use strobes instead of continuous lighting. There are plenty of inexpensive studio flash kits available. I shoot products in a light tent every day. I use two monolights to light the tent. I shoot hand held at f16 or f22 to ensure the entire product is in focus. It is very efficient. I assume your focus is an accurate reproduction of what the product looks like rather than an artisitic representation. Frankly your image wouldn't cut it for effective website imagery. I'm guessing it is a bracelet but it could be an ashtray or a decorated hockey puck.

    Below is an image of a camera lens. Nothing artistic about it but you can see an accurate representation of the product. This photo is satisfactory for web imagery. Note the highlights that indicate the two light sources. Handheld, f16. I would estimate that the strobes produced an exposure time of around 1/10,000 second.

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