What magazine is everyone subscribed to?


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Jul 25, 2008
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Ive seen a few at the stores around town and I was wondering which photography magazine the folks here are subscribed to, if any. I was thinking about subscribing to one or two, depending. I was going to start a poll, but I cant remember any of their names. If you could post the name and what you like about that particular one, maybe what kind of topics they feature, that would be great!

I regularly get Outdoor Photographer, which is probably the magazine I look forward to more than any of the others. Then again, if your not really into outdoor photography, then this one probably wouldn't score at the top of your list.

I also tend to buy a few others monthly or bi-monthly at newsrack prices. I really enjoy Popular Photography, but also like reading Shutterbug and Digital Photo Pro.
W is awesome. Not a photo magazine per se, but they have a lot of nice portfolios and some good feature work,as well as nice advertising work,and the images are large.
Professional Photography
EOS magazine (UK magazine)

I also read a number of others depending on what looks good each month but those four cover my subscriptions. I usually favor the UK ones alot more than the ones printed here lol.
I get my lighting and landscape tips from maxim and hustler magazines
Shutterbug is by far my favorite photography magazine. I like the reviews, composition articles and photographer spotlights (articles about photographers).
I like Shots, and there is a local magazine I like to submit art for.
While I have begun to *lightly* dabble in taking pictures of people, a friend of mine told me that it may not be a bad idea to consider getting subscriptions to some fashion magazines. More for reference to what "works" and what doesn't. Obviously, most of us aren't going to be able to afford all the studio equipment that often makes up the spreads in the mags, but gives a good idea of composition, lighting, etc.

Harper's Bazaar
Vanity Fair
W Magazine
National Geographic is good too no necessarily photography but great shots inside.
Without question the BEST photo mags are from the UK. If you can get to Borders Bookstore, they're pricey (about $10 each) are usually a month behind (big deal), but FULL of beginner/novice stuff. American photo mags are all ads (which are nice to check out of course) very little instruction, thin in comparison to overseas mags, and mostly about exotic places that I'll never be able to afford to go.

Digital SLR Photography
Practical Photography
Digital SLR User Magazine
and Digital Photographer

Four mags I look forward to EVERY month.
I usually just browse the covers at the newsstand, and if any of them have an article or review that interests me I'll buy it. I gave up on subscriptions to any magazine a long time ago. Once or twice a year you get an issue you enjoy, the rest are just meh.

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