What's best lense for night photography


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Oct 7, 2010
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Would like to shoot night city skylines from a distance and was wondering what would be my best bet? I have a Nikon D5000 and was leaning towards the 80-200mm AF Zoom f2.8D ED Lens......any comments?
The 80-200D would be fine. I have it but never use it anymore.

Just bear in mind that you'll have no AF if you use it on a D5000 and it blows wide open at 200mm or within about 12 feet. At f/5.6-16, and focusing past 20 feet, it's awesome. As if it was a totally different lens.

TBH, i'd look into a faster lens if you can swing it, it really helps when shooting at night.
Define "a distance".

How far you actually are from the city skyline and how much you want it to fill the frame determine the lens length you'll need to achieve it. Go to where you want to shoot it from, take a look through the lens(es) you have, and figure it out.
Will your location when taking the skyline images be across a wide lake/sea of some sort?

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