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Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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I think the first couple posters set the mindset for thoes that follow, for example, Derrel thought that my foam sanding block looked like an abrasive device & then many others followed with that theme. Same with the potato chip; doughnut started a stream of similar guesses.

Well, let us see how this one goes.

bottom side of a mushroom with the stem pulled out.
Slice of cucumber.

You still eating?!?!!?
Cross section of a banana!
Gotta bandwagon again.... banana nana bo banna ...
I'm also in with banana slice.
I am totally not certain on this one. It does look like a banana, but the spots on the side are throwing me...
I keep coming back to it and thinking something seafood or fishy...
Has an egg ever passed trough there....lol
rgregory1965 said:
Has an egg ever passed trough there....lol

Took me a second.... And then I laughed .... Out loud!

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