Where To Go For Used Nikon Gear?


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Feb 28, 2010
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Whats a good website to find used nikon gear?
Where I get mine is eBay where you can find anything you want. Craigslist only very hit and miss, mostly miss. And occasionally Cameta Camera for refurbished gear if the going price for used is nearly the same. Refurbished is as brand new condition except for the tag on the box that says refurbished. Sometimes no difference at all down to the twisty ties. These are again listed on eBay
ThePhotoForum.com's Buy/Sell forum usually has used Nikon gear for sale, as well as other photography discussion forums. FredMiranda.com is a good place to find used pro gear.

In addition to those places ajkramer87 listed, I have also bought good used Nikon gear from private sellers on Amazon.com.
Jack's Camera Shop | Home

Got a used nikon 105mm 2.8D for 430 shipped, and it arrived well packaged and in basically pristine condition. A GREAT site.

The lens was rated at a 9, so they do not lie.
what are you looking for?
I am looking for something thats middle of the road but good for shooting sports. That is what i will mainly be shooting. Not for money yet, but I want to try to get some kind of gig with either the school newspaper or something.
E-bay has just about anything you could need or want, just be sure to read the description and ask the seller questions before committing to buy. Craig's list as someone said earlier is hit or miss. Lately it's been a waste of time. Either the seller doesn't respond or the prices are way too high. Adorama or B+H are good along with Usedcameras.com
i am selling all of my equipment if you are interested

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