Which technique is this?

This technique is what my photo teacher always refers to as "tweaking" the lens, although there's probably a more technical term for it. To do this you need an SLR with a zoom lens. Basically, what you do is set the camera for a longish shutter speed, and while the photo is exposing you zoom the lens in (or out), creating that blurry effect. I've never really tried it much myself, though.
exactly what was said above I have never tried it but I've know people who have and I've never seen such clarity in the center.
you can create this effect in photoshop........ duplicate your image layer.... go to filters....... blur....... radial blur....... in the blur window set it to 'zoom'..... then you can move around the sweet spot to the area you want in focus...... you can also alter the intensity.
Once you've applied it you can add a layer mask to that layer if you wish, and then soften, or bring more of the focus area out from the layer underneth. ;)
Thank you guys! This is helpful.
Nevertheless I only own a Panasonic LZ7 and I doubt I can affect the zoom while the shutter is opened.. Anyway, I should try moving the camera back or forth...
Or I just leave this techinique in my bag so I can use it whenever I can make myself with a better little monster..

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