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    I was asked a question by a budding sports shooter today and I was stuck for an answer. He is wanting advice on something for basketball, baseline under the basket. 24-35mm range. And he does not have $1500.00 for the Canon 35 f1.4L. (What I use). For those sports shooters, which would be your choice, or is there something not mentioned in the $600 or less range. These were my thoughts.

    Canon 28mm f1.8.

    Sigma 24mm f1.8

    Sigma 28mm f1.8

    Sigma 30mm f1.4

    Canon 35mm f2.0

    I've not shot any of them. The two top requirements are sharpness wide open and fast focus speed. He is using a crop body and has no plans to change from a 1.6 crop. Looking forward to the suggestions. He is looking now so he can save and be prepared for high school b-ball this winter.


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