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white balance question


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Dec 14, 2007
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wylie texas
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okay so i have a sony cybershot DSC-H5 (i think i have the last one of these because they are now extinct!)

anyways, some of my photos turn out a bit blue, green or too white

i have an option for

one push and
one push set

i see a lot of posts say to put it on "flash" will that help?
Ummm Im guessing you are shooting indoors with the green and, blue. In your user menu there should be a WB preset for the green which is the Flouresent setting. Blue maybe also. Or if there is a Custom setting in there the you need a white or, gray card, then you point the camera at the card and, usually hit the set button or the shutter button. Also a plain white sheet of paper will work too. The white sounds like over exposure but, I could be wrong.
Yeah manuals are great things. You might try going to the Sony site and, see if they have one in PDF that you can download, he cant misplace that. :lol:
all the cyber shots are pretty similar so here's how you get to it on mine. turn your dial to the (P) press menu, arrow to the right and youll see WB. if you scroll up to the top of the WB menu it will have a circle with 2 triangles under it and next to it will say set. This is a auto white balance and will set it for the lighting your in at that time. Hope that helps you out.
okay so do i push the "one push" button at a white piece of paper or push it when i am ready to start shooting so it shoots the white balance i want?
The room you will be shooting in is what you want to set the WB in. once you set it, it should take great pics the rest of the time your in that room.When you get into a different lighting setup just reset it again

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