Why people tend to judge you for your physical?

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Mar 14, 2006
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People judje you without knowing you and if you are not physically attractive some tend to ignore.
It's actually proven to be a biological thing. People are naturaly attracted to the best baby maker.

Whatever genes makes up the best and most likely to survive. Stonger, fitter, well proportioned features and body. If it makes you feel any better, the good looking people are effing crazy.
it's impossible not to judge before knowing someone.

so...to hijack this thread, what's wrong with making babies from fit/smart/attractive parents (a la Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) by pure selection?

I want to order a kid that will have blonde hair, blue eyes, can bench press 250, and be astrophysicist smart. Is there anything inherently wrong with that?
The people who judge on physical appearance and don't bother to get to know your personality are people, quite frankly, you would do well not to associate with. There are too many idiots in this world!

As for having perfect blonde-haired, blue-eyed, physically superb babies... well I think that's probably a topic best avoided!

Rob said:
As for having perfect blonde-haired, blue-eyed, physically superb babies... well I think that's probably a topic best avoided!


yep..... i'm sure he didn't really mean it..... but OMG!
Thankfully not everyone is like that and most of the people that I know and have ever met in life think differently, both about the judgement of the mere looks of people and about the perfectly-blond-blue-eyed-super-intelligent-mail-order-baby, but let's leave this last subject! It is better. (Should we even think about pursuing that I can already see the padlock looming...)
really? I thought we could be mature enough to handle a subject like that (even though it could involve sex/religion/politics and probably rock n roll)...I was just trying to provide an interesting alternative to all the 'Congratulations on 7,000 posts since March 2006!!!!! let's party hardy!' posts. ;)
oh dear..... as lafoto said, its not worth pursuing this thread because its bound to go down the wrong road..... but lets just say you seem to have alot in common with someone i'm glad is dead ;)
The difference is that we are intelligent, self-aware beings. Judging the attractiveness of a person by physical appearance is basically an indicator of how badly you want to be %$#ed. If thats all your looking for then go for it. But if your looking for something more than that then you need to look deeper. I've had friendships with women that I wasn't physically attracted to but as I got to know them I found myself more and more attracted to them. So you never know.
Well ... it's true that people are vile and mean to those that don't fit into the unrealistic and idiotic view of (for females) being a size six, flawless beauty and (for males) being 6'2, dark haired, bright eyed and buff ... however, I am of the opinion that flawless and buff are sometimes way too high maintenance either as friends or romantic involvements.

I get the feeling that our society today runs on 'If there's more to you than what's on the surface, I don't have time ...' and that's sad. Sure, the chick may be a beauty and the fella may be calendar worthy, but can they make you laugh? Can they carry on a conversation? Do they have that certain quality that flips your switch?

Okay ... that's the romantic side ... here's the other side ...

I happen to be a big girl. I used to be a normal sized person and life was fine. In the last six or seven years, I've put on a lot of weight. There is a HUGE difference in how people treat others that are overweight. Yes, some of it is my fault for being this way ... and some of it isn't. However, I don't think that anyone should be treated with condescention or disdain because they are overweight.

The flip side of that are the people that are very thin. They get poked fun of just as much ... she's so skinny she's got to jump around in the shower to get wet ... he's so scrawny he could turn sideways and stick out his tongue and be a zipper ...

To a child, these remarks, whether heavy or thin, stick with them throughout adulthood. They may be strong individuals and know who they are anyway ... but those remarks will always be there and they will surface on occasion.

I happen to dig personalities ... if a person is interesting and funny, to me they are beautiful whether they are male or female, thin or heavy, goofy or genius.
treehuggerhikerboy said:
really? I thought we could be mature enough to handle a subject like that (even though it could involve sex/religion/politics...

If you are looking to get into a debate about any of those, I'd advise finding a forum where it is acceptable. Not here.

Let's continue to turn it back to a civil conversation. :D
speaking as one who has never been the norm, nor even remotely one who blends in, i agree with nicole... personalities make the person...

i have been labled my whole life, and sometimes, no matter how tough you can seem on the outside, it hurts sometimes to always have people stare....and yes, if i really wanted, i could get all blue jeans, and tank or tee shirt in a coral color, use less make up and be a soccer mom...

but thats not me... and i for one have never let someones appearance deter me from meeting them, talking to them, or what ever...

and now, i have to admit, the OUTKAST of society tend to be my friends... they are more clever, more accepting, and more open hearted than the so called normal people...

the ones who think they are what everyone wants to be, the ones who brag about them selves all the time, the ones who think your dang lucky to be around them...? superficial and boring as toast.

i'm out... give me the underdog, they are the true lovers of life....

and the ones worth knowing...
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