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Nov 28, 2007
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Nanaimo, BC Canada
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I'm looking to buy a radio trigger for my studio lights. I know Pocket Wizard seems to be THE name but what do they have over the less expensive brands? Does anyone have a trigger they're very happy with? Any recommendations?
I went the cheapo route and am semi-happy. I bought the ebay wireless flash triggers for about 25 bucks for 2 receivers and 1 transmitter. I also got 2 optical triggers for like 20 bucks. My 430EX is the only problem I've had with it... the 430ex fires at random with the flash triggers, and the 430ex only will flash once with the optical triggers. If I hook either up to my Sunpak 383, both work very well.

All that to say... I like them when not used with my 430. I'll probably get a second Sunpak to have more reliable results. If you're looking for something with more control and good quality, spend some money and get a good set.
I am using Elinchrom El Skyport's I have only had them for almost two weeks so far I do not have any complaints. the reviews and field tests that I looked at for them all looked good and at $185 for a transmitter and a universal receiver and $104 per receiver after that they are alot more cost effective then pocket Wizards. (or at least for all my uses)
just another option most all distributers carry them B&H, Adorama and so on.
Most pros that I've seen, use Pocket Wizards...and a quick search of B&H or Adorama will show that there are a few other products that are just as or more expensive.

I've heard good things about the Elinchrom Skyports, and they are less expensive than the PWs.

I'm in the same boat as Keith. I have a cheap radio trigger that I bought from E-bay for less that $30. It works well with my studio lights and even with my old Braun flash...it just doesn't play well with my Canon brand flash unit. I only have one receiver...all my lights have built-in slave triggers.

So for a studio set up, the cheap ones may be a good option for you. Although, they are cheaply made, so it might be a good investment to get something of better quality.
I had one of the cheaper units - $25 eBay special. It went out on me one day, changed the batteries in both the transmitter and receiver, and I could get a connection (Test button lit up the little red light on the receiver), but it wouldn't trigger the flash any more. My wired connection to the same flash unit works, so I tossed the cheap one. I'm hoping to get a set of PocketWizards sometime. :)

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